Blink-182 09/06/12 @ O2 Arena, London

Okay, so I felt like I should write all about last night’s show because it was AWESOME. It was definitely worth the two year wait caused by the tour being postponed from 2011 to 2012. And it was so much better than I had expected!

Phoebe, Esme and I got to the O2 about an hour before doors and got our tickets and went to merch and we all got different tour tshirts (mine is black with ‘blink-182’ on the front in big white and yellow letters). It was really cool that they had so many and that they all had the tour dates on the back instead of just having one tour tshirt like most bands do. By this point, I was fangirling intensely as I worked out how much time we had left until Twin Atlantic, the first support, were due to start playing.

When we got to our seats, we had a really good view of the stage because we were quite low down and on the side. Twin Atlantic had the rugs on the stage in the same set-up as on their last tour a couple of months ago and were fantastic. All the songs they played were off Free (kind of disappointing since I was hoping to hear some off Vivarium too), but it was kind of understandable because Free is their latest album. We decided to stand up and dance and sing along for the entire set, blocking the view of the unenthusiastic people behind us, and it was fun despite the fact that no one else seemed very into it at all. Their guitar tech noticed us though and watched us which was cool. Twin Atlantic deserved a better audience/reaction than what they got because they played with loads of energy and were PERFECT but I guess that’s what happens to the first support bands. Their set was over waaay too soon so we decided we definitely had to go see them again on their autumn tour.

My friend Martha who was sitting in the opposite seats on the other side of the arena walked all the way around to say hi to me because she said that she had seen us going crazy from the other side of the arena haha :’)

All American Rejects were next and even though I didn’t know many of their songs, they were pretty good. I was expecting them to be way more boring than they were. They had a good stage presence and the crowd were more enthusiastic now (there was even a little mosh pit at one point). After their set, the singer talked to the people at the barrier and then climbed up the railings of where we were sitting to say hi to people in the audience, which was pretty cool, and Phoebe managed to get a hug from him. After a while though the security guards made him go.

When Blink’s stuff was being put on the stage we noticed that one of their massive amps had nyan cat on which was funny. The set up of the stage was cool because they had these three rectangular screens which would show cool pictures/members of the band. On one side of the stage there were a group of kids sitting, watching the show and we guessed they might be Mark’s son’s class, which was really cute. Blink-182 started with a curtain drop and having Feeling This as their opening song was great, and the crowd went mental. The rest of their set seemed to go quite quickly, but they played for about an hour and a half. They played a lot of ‘greatest hits’  from their older albums and  a few songs off Neighbourhoods. They played really well, despite rumours I had heard that they’re not that great live anymore. There were quite a few mosh pits and crowd surfers especially towards the end of the show and the atmosphere was awesome. Everyone was standing up in the seats and singing along. The highlight for me was probably when Blink played their last song, Dammit, in the encore when lots of white and black confetti was showered over the whole crowd. The whole experience was amazing and I feel so lucky to have seen such a legendary punk rock band. I really hope I get to see them again sometime.

So that’s it :) I kind of wanted to write about it just so I don’t forget everything that happened and I know probably no one will read this but YAY THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD GIG WOO.